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We are pleased to offer this great new resource for churches and ministries!

Give more. Have more. Do more.

Imagine what could be done for the kingdom of God if we could get this right! The kingdom of God, and every Christian's personal spiritual walk, would see floods of blessings if we could only get the matter of tithing settled. It's surprising how much misinformation there is in the modern church about the tithe. As Christians, we love to meet together and worship God, which is good, but too many today don't understand that the heartbeat of worship is obedience to a holy and righteous God. One of the greatest tests of true obedience is tithing. 

In this timely and distinctly biblical book, Dr. Pollock shares insights from four decades of ministry. Including:

  • How Tithing Demonstrates that you love God

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  • How Tithing Spreads the Gospel
  • How Tithing Brings God's Favor
  • and more...
The Information in this book is vital for Christian ministry and life. It is a must-read for anyone desiring to have a successful life! 

“Wisdoms Way Publication was founded for the purpose of getting out encouraging, distinctly Biblical Christ-centered books and resources to grow marriages, family, faith and strong financial decisions. The goal is to let the Bible establish the curriculum for these vital topics. Better Choices. Better Life.”

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