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Clarifying Scripture for Christians Who Desire to be Biblically ObedientClarifying Scripture for Christians Who Desire to be Biblically Obedient


For Those Who Desire the Superior Life!

Scripture records that God delighted in providing for His people in a wide variety of ways. He expected them to work, pray and do life for His glory. Occasionally He provided in some creative ways, like miracles. But Scripture never records God ever providing for someone through debt, in fact, the Bible is full of cautions about borrowing. “Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.” Romans 13:8 Yes, the Bible is definitely a debt-free book. Are all transactions then that don’t involve the money in-hand unacceptable? The answer is no. 


In Part 1 of this book, Discerning Debt, Dr. Pollock examines the three basic biblical tests that must be satisfied in order to proceed, when you don’t have all the cash in-hand. In Part 2, he gives practical and biblical instruction on how to go about purchasing a home when you don’t have all the money in-hand and still be biblical. 

Discerning Debt

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