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"Financial Wisdom" is not just another book on household budgeting. It is rather a manual of timeless principles that work in every culture and era, and also in any situation. While full of practical ideas, Financial Wisdom focuses on over 150 verses from the book of Proverbs that touch on finances. 

This simple, down-to-earth guide reveals:
• What decisions to make to never have another financial problem
• The six most common mistakes made in finances
• What the symptoms of greed are
• How to understand a single highest priority in finances
• The nine ageless principles of finance found in Scripture

Dr. Pollock, will help you understand how to make things right for yourself, your family, your business and ministry.

Length: 127 Pages

“Financial Wisdom by my good friend, Pastor Tim Pollock, is a must read for every father. Wise decisions today affect the family's financial future tomorrow” Jim Bob Duggar

Financial Wisdom

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